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This week, it’s been all about potato farming. Farmers Weekly shares more about how to keep your potato crops weed free through the spring, while Farmers Guide explores the impact of the wet weather. Meanwhile, farmers are being urged to take action against online attacks.

How to keep potato crops free from weeds this spring

How can you keep your potato crops free from weeds? Several farmers from the Association of Independent Potato Consultants (AIPC) share their advice on how to keep the weeds at bay in this article for Farmers Weekly.


Advice on septoria spread as wheat T1 fungicide timing nears

If you’re growing wheat, take note. This season, it’s been recommended to pay even more attention to using their T1 fungicide sprays to avoid septoria.


Potato herbicide plans likely to be impacted by wet March and April showers

The recent wet weather through March and April has had some major effects on potato growers. Plans for potato herbicides have been impacted by the weather. Farmers Guide shares more.


Farmers urged to take action against online attacks

Online attacks can have detrimental effects on farmers. As such, farmers are being encouraged to appeal to their MPs to get the Government to provide better protection for rural businesses that have been targeted online. The Online Safety Bill aims to protect farmers from detrimental false communications, including fake reviews.


New Defra plans offer support for farmers to boost water supply

Defra is making plans that will further provide support for farmers to boost their water supply. Farming UK shares more in this article.


Will you be joining the farmers in taking action against online attacks? If you are a potato farmer, has your farm been heavily affected by the wet weather?

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