Here at P.X. Farms, we use a number of precision farming and long term management techniques to determine the effects of the last farming season and improve on future seasons.

Yield and Nutrient Mapping

P.X. Farms uses yield and nutrient mapping as part of our successful precision farming and long term management to quickly detect weed, nutrient deficiency, drainage and soil compaction issues helping us to have a more targeted, efficient approach to increasing soil potential and dealing with areas that require attention. Using yield mapping allows us to gather important data over time for sound decision making in our cropping strategies and helps us to review performance.

Real Time Kinematic (RTK)

RTK offers enhanced accuracy for GPS by using fixed position base stations to transmit signals. This means P.X. Farms machinery can align with the base stations and correct positioning errors caused by the atmosphere for precision farming.

P.X. Farms precision drill and sprayer have sectional control from RTK which reduces inputs by 3-5% and results in less pollution. We also use a sprayer instead of a spinning disc to increase accuracy and precision – less affected by factors like wind, we can therefore apply the correct quantities to the land.