Professional and highly-skilled agribusiness dedicated to ensuring profitability for our clients and our family farm, whilst working in harmony with the countryside.

Offering a wide range of agricultural services, advice and long-term management, discover tailored and standalone solutions to help establish, operate, grow and improve farm businesses.
Centred around the family estate and run by fourth-generation farmer James Peck, we use the latest technology and farming techniques to maximise yields, reduce input costs and minimise environmental impact. Explore how we use innovative practices like controlled traffic farming (CTF).
With our skilled workforce, the deep base of technical knowledge and our conscientious approach, we can help you boost your business’s profitability.
We are certified by OF & G Organic for seed cleaning & packing and processing, and for combinable crops.
Get fit for the future with our tailored and standalone solutions in farming, crop storage, haulage, cleaning and crop testing in our laboratory.

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