At P.X.Farms we understand the importance of reducing environmental impact and input costs, whilst increasing crop yield and farming efficiency.

Led by fourth generation farmer James Peck, we are custodians of the land dedicated to handing it over to future generations better than when we started. We work with highly skilled and trained agronomists, drawing on our own unique in-depth knowledge and expertise to promote healthy soil through our land we farm with soil sampling, effective drainage, long term management and cutting edge farming practices.

We promote long term soil health through:
  • Soil sampling – narrowing down soil into one hectare blocks allows us to specifically target and improve areas to reach their full potential by sampling soil and applying nutrients
  • Driving innovation – working closely with manufacturers to design and develop machinery helps us to enhance the soil whilst maintaining our pledge to help feed the world and future generations in a sustainable way
  • Precise technology – using precision equipment like a precision sprayer, seeder and planter, and fertiliser applicator we can be more efficient in our farming practices
  • Diverse rotation – allowing us to rotate crops throughout the year by combining modern technology with traditional farming practices. Using Integrated Crop Management helps conserve wildlife havens, enrich biodiversity, improve pest control, soil health, crop quality and yield, and cash flow. We can also simplify labour management and farming efficiencies
  • Tailored fertiliser application – using organic fertilisers, products from livestock manures and artificial fertilisers helps improve the soil
  • Improved drainage – well drained soils maximise crop growth rates and yields, whereas wet soils produce anaerobic conditions that result in poor root development and smaller plants which are more susceptible to disease and competition
  • Controlled traffic farming (CTF) – reducing the tramlines in a field by modifying farm machinery to run on the same width of tramline minimises the impact on the soil structure and damage to the land

Our soil health management enables us to grow clean quality crops from rich living soil with plenty of micro organisms. By improving organic matter, we help encourage soil health and reduce the need for pesticides, preventing resistant weeds with reduced variable input demand.


Spring crops grown in poor draining soils produce shallow roots that leaves them vulnerable to drought conditions in the Summer. We actively look to improve any wet areas by starting with the basics: ditch digging, drain jetting, repair drainage pipes and installing land drainage as shown below. This provides us with the foundation for promoting long term soil health.