Crop storage

Crop storageThis flexible storage solution can be rented annually. Independent farmers can use this storage to sell their crop to whom they wish, whilst grain merchants can have their grain delivered from all their farms and stored in one place.

Located on Scotland Farm, Dry Drayton just outside Cambridge, our 90,000 tonne facilities:

  • Include high-tech monitoring in each store that cools whilst aerating and maintaining temperatures at less than 5°C
  • Are designed to manage over 5,000 tonnes of incoming crop a day during harvest, with the capacity to dry 1,200 tonnes per day and clean 480 tonnes per day
  • Offer a weighbridge and sampling services, enabling us to process a lorry in nine minutes and load out up to 180 tonnes per hour
  • Give dedicated grain store office and laboratory services, enabling us to provide a complete solution for our clients
  • We can also help with haulage, laboratory and cleaning requirements

View our storage, cleaning and haulage service video:

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For more information or to enquire about storage options contact us.