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Here’s a quick summary: Gene editing makes further advancements towards weather-resilient potatoes; One farmer shares how his sheep grazed on cereal crops for disease control; Farmers Weekly gives advice on how farmers can reduce stress levels.

Gene-edited weather-resilient potatoes may be ready by 2025

Advancements in gene-edited potatoes mean that weather-resilient potatoes are closer than we think.

Alternative approaches reduce aphid levels in seed potatoes

It can be a challenge to keep viruses at bay when you’re growing seed potatoes. Some Scottish trials are making advancements towards alternative approaches that may reduce aphid levels.

Farmer grazes 2,500 sheep on cereal crops for disease control

As part of a low-input arable system, a farmer has allowed his sheep to feed on cereals and oilseed rape over the past few months.

Top tips to help farmers manage stress

Stress in farmers is incredibly common. How can you manage your stress levels?

Cut silage early despite conditions but take precautions, experts say

Should farmers be cutting silage early ahead of wet weather?

Environmental grants now available for farmers in Midlands

Farmers in the Midlands could receive up to £30,000 for projects designed to improve water quality as part of the Severn Trent’s Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS).

Farmland values increase for eighth straight quarter

Each year, arable land value has grown 0.4% to reach around £9,272 per acre. Farmland values have increased again.

Farmers share decarbonisation strategies at Farm of the Future event

How can you reduce your emissions? Farmers shared some of their advice at the Farm of the Future event on 13 April 2023.

Farmer’s maize trial shows vital need for treated seed

Results from a maize trial conducted by a farmer from Lagenhoe near Colchester, Essex has demonstrated an ever-growing need for bird repelling seed treatments to be provided to farmers.

Crop Watch: winter barley races away and late to start to maize

Farmers Weekly shares the latest things that you need to know this month in May’s edition of Crop Watch.

Cloddy seed beds post high slug risk in potato crops

Growers, beware. If you have planted potato seeds in cloddy seed beds, there may be a higher risk of slugs. Combatting this issue by using high quality pellet may be the best course of action.

Arable Event returns with extensive cereal trial plots

The highly anticipated Arable Event is back again this year on 7 June 2023, this time with cereal trial plots.


How do you plan to ease your stress this year? How do you feel about the weather-resilient potatoes on the horizon?

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