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This week, explore insights into the lack of good soil nutrient health in the UK, improving yield and crop diseases more prevalent due to the recent wet weather, including chocolate spot and so much more.

UK tractor registrations at the highest monthly level since 2009

Tractor registrations were at an all-time high in March 2023, with around 2,223 machines registered only in the past month. For comparisons, this is roughly 13% higher than the number registered in Spring 2022. Why? Find out more.

Two thirds of UK soils deficient in key nutrients, survey shows

Results from a soil analysis report from NRM have found that around two thirds of soils in the UK lack the key nutrients they need to sustain crops. Farming UK covers the data in this post.

Crop Watch: disease and lodging are priorities in soggy spring

Farmers Weekly shares the key information you need to be aware of in the coming weeks with Crop Watch, including the impact of recent weather on your crops.

How a trickle approach can cut potato irrigation energy costs

How can you cut potato irrigation energy costs? Farmers Weekly suggests a trickle approach may be the answer in this insightful article.

Online course to help farmers tackle ammonia emissions

If you’re looking to reduce your ammonia emissions, take note. A course from Basis will help you have the knowledge that you need to reduce emissions. Farmers Weekly shares more.

Cover crop trial sees boost in yields while protecting water quality

A trial has recently taken place on a farm in Cheshire that has found that growing cover crops and undertaking analysis of soil can help to reduce the use of artificial fertiliser. In addition to this, the trial resulted in boosted yields. Farming UK shares more.

Cold and wet weather increases chocolate spot risk in bean crops

For farmers growing bean crops, take note. The recent wet weather may increase the risk of chocolate spot for the season ahead. Farmers Guide shares what you need to know.

How will you handle the effects of the recent bad weather on your crops?

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