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A split dose herbicide strategy may be the ticket to preventing weed spread in Maize; a new soil service can help farmers to analyse their soil; grain prices have fallen to less than half of what they were in 2022.

Variety blends: do they work in oilseed rape?

Could it possibly be beneficial for growers to plant more than one variety of oilseed rape in one field? This article explores how planting a variety of oilseed rape types may help to reduce the crop’s risk and make them more resilient.

Crop Watch: high blackgrass levels and T3 spray strategies

Learn about what you need to prepare for in the month ahead in this edition of Crop Watch.

New soil service tests for plant available nutrients

A new service designed to analyse soil and its nutrient is now available for farmers to take advantage of.

14 ways to stay safe this harvest

How can you stay safe this harvest season?

Grain prices fall to less than half of 2022 peak

The prices of grains have fallen to below half of what it was this time in 2022.

Opinion: Cybersecurity is crucial to protect food supply

Cybersecurity is a vital investment for farmers to protect their supplies.

Prevent weed spread in maise with split dose herbicide strategy

How can you prevent weeds from spreading amongst your maise? A split dose herbicide strategy may be the answer for growers.

Potatoes: now is the time to review your irrigation strategy

When is the best time to undertake a review of your irrigation strategy? Farmers Guide shares how now may just be the best time.

Defra awards projects £30m to spearhead sustainable food production

New farming projects funded by Defra have received up to £30 million to improve the sustainability of UK food production.


How will you be keeping safe through the long hours of harvest season? Are you making moves to work on your irrigation strategy?

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