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Massive amounts of cereal crops remain unsold from last harvest; fungicide chemistry may be just the thing to help you get through challenges this season; beet growers are advices to stay alert for peach potato aphids.

Crop Watch: costs soar with rampant chocolate spot and septoria

Discover the latest updates in crops and weather with the latest edition of Crop Watch.

What the new OSR varieties bring to the market

What do the new OSR variants mean for the arable farming market? Farmers Weekly explores what you need to know.

Large volumes of cereals still on farm from last year’s harvest

A staggering number of cereal crops are still unsold from the last harvest. This is causing growing concern among farmers who were storing approximately 17% additional wheat over the past few months than in the year before.

How slugs in wheat are being tackled through farm-based research

Pests plaguing your farm? One farmer from Cambridgeshire asserts that farm-based research may just be the answer.

Beet growers advised to check for peach potato aphids

If you’re growing beet, there’s a particular pest you should be on the lookout for: peach-potato aphids. Farmers Weekly explores what to do when your farm is invaded by these pests.

£15m available to help farmers enhance the landscape

The government making £15 million available for farmers to help enhance the landscape as part of the Landscape Recovery scheme.

Growers and agronomists report positive benefits of drilling primed Tennyson

Agri agronomist David Vine shares his thoughts on growing oilseed rape and the gamble it entails in this article for Farmers Guide.

Biologicals offer a cost-effective solution to reducing nitrogen applications

How could using biologicals positively influence you and your farm? Reduce costs and improve the health of your plants with biologicals rather than nitrogen applications.

Tackle the season’s challenges with the latest fungicide chemistry

Fungicide chemistry may just be how you can mitigate your challenges this season.

Welsh farm leaders slam ‘missed opportunities’ in Wales’ Ag Bill

Several leaders in farming have expressed dismay at the Agricultural Bill in Wales.


How do you intend to tackle farming challenges this season? Will you be using fungicide chemistry?

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