I went with Andrew to the Ukraine to there 850 ha farm. At the border which was an experience we queued for 2 hours, the guards surrounded us for there inspection. The bonnet was lifted to check the engine belonged to the car. The boot was inspected and my wash bag and breif case was rigously searched. Just when I thought it was all over a guard opened the passenger door leaned over and popped the glove box open. What andrew had forgotten was he had seven thousand pounds of petty cash. We went from tourists to suspected drug runners with new friends. Andrews skill and well practiced talks allowed us to curse to no mans land to the Ukraine border. At this point I was now sitting on the money. We arrived at our restaurant at midnight and the joys of picking off a menu that you don’t understand or cant pick any words with meaning to the English language. Luckily it was a pork dish.

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