6.30 came and michael Horsch picked me up to drive to one of his farms in Cz the otherside of Prague. 3.5 hrs of driving at speeds a range rover couldn’t travel my right arm seized from hanging on to the door handle and my right leg exercised from my pretend brake peddle we made it. The boys where seeding maize with an 18 mt drill and the second team busy spraying. We looked at soil structure and compaction effects from cultivations and historical cultivation methods. I saw some amazing machines with power harrows built on cultivators and tracks on chaser bins. The farm is fantastic with large fields no hedges and few obstacles. Heavy land as well no boys land here. The difference in cz in ten years is tremendous. With the border gone you’d struggle to see the difference between Germany and cz. With yield increases from 5 or 6 tonnes a ha to 10 tonnes average on maize these boys mean business.

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