David showed me his soil type, i’ve never seen land like it, he should get a medal for achieving such good crops. David and sally very kindly looked after me in Esperance and he took time out of his week to take me to Summit fertiliser, CBH in Esperance port facility, Sepwa to visit Nigel Metz and Land Logic. David was grazing crops with imported livestock and was proving to have no yield detrement, increasing gross margins on a livestock enterprise and being able to achieve a return on marginal land. David from his Nuffield studies was working on the concept of N strips which he was passionate about. The basic idea was to ask the plant what it needed by ruling out nitrogen as a requirement. he would apply double what he would normally to a strip in a field and then scan with a green seeker and then scan the unapplied area of the crop and with a Top Secret formular could determine what the Nitrogen requirement of the crop was, this had the potential to save ten of thousands of pounds per year for farmers which subscribe. I wish the Cox family a happy harvest and wish them success for the future.

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