Andrew Fowler Nuffield Scholar and wife Marie last farmer before the bush. Has a beach at the end of his farm with sand that squeeks. Well run farming business with a brother who loves livestock, perfect situation. Uses David Cox’s N strips to determine nitrogen requirement if any and grazes crops to achieve a gross margin on livestock on par with Cropping. Diverse cropping with Wheat, Barley, canola and clover/ryegrass for cattle and sheep to graze. The clover is burnt off and allowed to regenerate three years later. Growing roundup ready canola. Uses his sprayers as swathers which was utilising assets. The sprayers where so big i could drive the car underneath. Canola was yielding over the bridge 2.2 tonnes to the ha. Andrew and Marie kindly put me up for two nights. Andrew took me to the local pub which had one of the largest burgers i’ve ever eaten. Im currently 1 stone heavier from meeting Andrew and David Cox. I thank Andrew and Marie for looking after me.

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