P.X. Farms – the innovative agribusiness dedicated to ensuring profitability for clients across five counties and its own Cambridgeshire family farm – has been certified by OF & G Organic for seed cleaning, packing and processing, and for combinable crops.

This is thanks largely to P.X. Farms’ open-minded and forward-thinking approach to organic, but also to its much-lauded Grain Hospital.

The Grain Hospital offers a collection, cleaning and delivery service for out of spec crops, and uses state of the art cleaning equipment to provide full colour, size-sorting and fine-cleaning.

OF&G certify more than half of UK organic land and provide support, information and licensing to Britain’s top organic food businesses. First launched in 1973, in 1992 it became the first body to be approved by the government to carry out inspections and certify organic farmers and food producers.

P.X. Farms Managing Director James Peck said:

We’re really proud to have been awarded OF&G organic status, and are grateful for the support the certifying body has provided throughout the process.

We’ve always had a forward-looking attitude and hunger for new approaches to farming, so while many have decried the calls for farming that more helps meet the demand for organic and vegan produce, we’ve chosen to embrace it.

The certification is testament to all the hard work and investment we’ve put into the Grain Hospital, and to innovative approaches to farming in general.

P.X. Farms’ Grain Hospital is designed to take the hassle out of any grain issues with its collection, cleaning and delivery service. Grain Hospital can help with admix and ergot removal; bushel weight improvement; pea colour sorting; premium enhancement; separation of commodities; and the cleaning of all combinable crops.

P.X. Farms also has crop storage available for independent farmers and grain merchants for harvest 2019. The storage facility is designed to manage over 5,000 tonnes of incoming crop a day during harvest, with the capacity to dry 1,200 tonnes per day and clean 480 tonnes per day.

This flexible solution can be rented annually. Independent farmers can use this storage to sell their crop to whom they wish, whilst grain merchants can have their grain delivered from all their farms and stored in one place.

Located on Scotland Farm, Dry Drayton just outside Cambridge, the facilities include: high-tech monitoring in each store that cools whilst aerating and maintaining temperatures at less than 5°C; a weighbridge and sampling services, enabling P.X. Farms to process a lorry in nine minutes and load out up to 180 tonnes per hour; and a dedicated grain store office and laboratory services, providing a complete solution for clients.

P.X. Farms can also help with haulage, laboratory and cleaning requirements.


About P.X. Farms

Offering a wide range of agricultural services, advice and long-term management, we provide tailored and standalone solutions to help establish, operate, grow and improve farm businesses.

Centred around the family estate and run by fourth-generation farmer James Peck, P.X. Farms uses the latest technology and farming techniques to maximise yields, reduce input costs and minimise environmental impact.

With our skilled workforce, deep base of technical knowledge and our conscientious approach, we can help you boost your business’ profitability.

We are certified by OF & G Organic for seed cleaning and packing and processing, and for combinable crops.

Get fit for the future with our tailored and standalone solutions in farming, crop storage, haulage, cleaning and crop testing in our laboratory.