Kevin and I went on a tour around Buenos Aires. One of the highlights was to see the crematorium where the rich and famous of BA are buried. It was interesting to learn that families sell the tombs, the old coffins get moved to another location. I found it creepy. The opera house which we passed is supposed to be perfect in sound. The famous pavorioti said the problem with the opera house is its so good that people can hear if your half a note out.
The university next to the port which is a brick building was bought from England brick by brick by ships. The roads are made of granite from Spain which was used as ballast in the ship. When BA was settled it was pampas grass, no stone or trees so materials had to be bought from europe. The original wealth from BA was in the leather industry until the French invented refrigeration on ships to get beef back to england.

We ended the day at the oldest cafe in BA the Gran Tortini, the cafe is so popular we had to queue to get in for 45 mins.

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