My last Nuffield trip is to Argentina, 13.5 hour night flight. I’ve arrived with Kevin Nolan JNR(its true he is junior)from Nuffield Ireland. As you can see it cold and wet, 12c. Kevin has found another small Nuffield car to hire and is nervous of my driving, im sure anyone who has driven with me cant believe it.
You can see that he is wearing shorts. My one travel bag sadly has limited winter clothes. Note to all future travellers, google the weather of your destination do not listern to your irish companion on clothes needed.
We are currently sat in a cafe’ sticking to the slim fast diet or thats what my wife thinks, waiting for the tour bus to take us around Buenos Aires. Hopefully going for dinner with Bayer tonight. We are 4 hours behind in time. Going to eat an apple pie and buy a jumper.

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