June 4th 2011. The last man standing gets married. Enjoyable day, wonderful weather. Thankyou all who attended.

Must people said they never believed they would see the day. Nuffield changes your life. Im grateful for all the help everyone put in. Michael Dungworth blowing the hunting horn ‘gone away’ as we left the church. Julian drove us in Great Grandfathers Rolls Royce and Chris Young behind in grandfathers old Daimler car with the bridesmaids. Auntie Joan for the wonderful flowers in the church. The string quartet for the beautiful music in the garden. Dominic the best man with the help of Michael Harwood in Australia who where both restrained in there speeches. Catering company and the band. Father, mother, heather, sigi and louise put lots of effect in and thank you. Ailis was a star, keeping the wheels turning. Fiona went to a recording studio to sing the last dance. 3.53 seconds we had to dance on our own not one person joined in. 200 people watching my john travolta dance moves. When 12 oclock struck the remaining party goers formed an arch and fiona and i started our married life and off to Maderia to Reids Palace for our honey moon. Posted by Picasa

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