Tim Howard bought a subsoiler for demonstration. It was at 20″ deep and the subsoiler with a 6″ wings and narrower leg than our current. An intended 11 leg machine trailed is proposed.

We currently have a 9 leg hydraulic folding fully mounted.

The disadvantage is the only machines to carry the subsoiler between farms is a cat challenger which causes unnecessary wear and tear on the tracks.

This subsoiler doesn’t roar the land up causing as much soil disturbance and upsetting structure. I believe this machine with the correct legs could be used after drilling to remove headland compaction.

The drawbar will be fitted with a liquid fertiliser tank and nozzles fitted to each leg.

The Vaderstad bio drill will be fitted to the rear for applying the oil seed rape with radar.

This machine will work well when subsoiling is required and drilling oil seed rape at the same time. Land will take time to come around to controlled traffic and the subsoiler will be a key machine to wipe the slate clean. When going onto new farms this will be a key machine to start the process and will able to be used on all crops reducing cost and speeding up the process.

Operation wise is seems easier to use due to pin location for depth not threaded links. The legs come complete with points and wings. So only changing one part. This alone should speed up the wearing parts down time. Shear bolts are changeable by pin and R clip.

We will use a tractor to move the machine between farms for the cat challengers, improving efficiency and cost.

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