You may very well have seen one of our fleet of lorries hauling grain across the country, and now it seems that a whole lot of people are going to be making a point of looking out for them.

Why? Well, we have recently heard that PX Farms are going to be added to the list of hauliers featured on, alongside the likes  Eddie Stobart, Norbert Dentressangle and the Royal Mail. It appears that lorry spotting is a popular sport along the highways and byways of the country, and now PX Farms vehicles are going to be among those that are sought out by truck enthusiasts of the nation. The article on their website is reproduced below, or can be visited here.

“P X Farms Ltd are an agricultural contractor based at Dry Drayton in Cambridgeshire. They run a lovely fleet of vehicles in a British Racing green livery all with PXF registration suffixes. many thanks to Frank White for getting permission to list them.
The photo is courtesy of and copyrighted to Frank White.”




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