Trying the oilseed camelot with combine 2. Trimble is steering the header at 11.9 metres working on our controlled traffic farming.
Moisture 7.2%. Camelot yielded 4.16 t/ha @ 44.3 oil.

One thought on “Osr harvest

  1. I think James has pick the perfect year to see the benefits of CTF. Having cut some W Barley on very wet heavy land that is coming into rape plots next year the advantage of wheelings at 6mt centers which will be between the plot growing areas showed the advantages very well. This can only work successfully with RTK and a good margin of overlap (for laid or tall crops that “lol” sidways) on the combine cutterbar. We need 6.25 mts or 12.5 mts from the combine manufactures, not 11.98mts!!!!! Come on Claas and NH, sort it out.

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