Last week i went with my cousin michael to hunt with the belvoir hunt. we had a fantastic day jumping hedges 6ft plus with a 2 metre spread and post and rail in the the centre to give them strenght. I personnely hadnt jumped anything so large before and with ditches the overside just to top the hedge off. I must take my hat off to my horse willdo.
This Saturday we decided to go with the Quorn hunt in leicestershire a neighbouring pack to the Belvoir. The day started with josh hanbury the field master jumping forty plus hedges and fences. i learnt my level of fitness was poor. Being known for my patience id managed to get behind a line going through a gap on the hedge, i decided i hadn’t time for this. So i jumped the hedge with sheep netting in front. As we where in the air i looked down to see the other side had electric netting. I don’t remember anything past this point as the horse landed on top of me and knocked me out. I was taken to hospital, my elbow on the left was broken in two places and my head has had a hiding. I’m in high spirits but sore. My relationship with Fiona has gone to a new level as im unable to dress myself.

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