Entrepreneurs are people with guts, ambition and commitment, according to key speakers from The Future’s In Your Hands event.

Matthew Naylor, who grows potatoes and flowers for major retailers in south Lincolnshire, told delegates: “The difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur is all about control. Business people analyse the status quo and try and profit from it. Entrepreneurs take control of the situation and try and make things happen on their own terms.”

“I have made loads of mistakes over the years, all with my own money. Some people will try something and fail. It’s about dusting yourself down, deciding where you went wrong and trying again.”

Ian Kenny, head of agricultural policy at NatWest added: “Cash, capital and character are what the banks are looking for with start-ups but character is key. Have you got the flair, the fire and passion to make it work?”

“There is no rule book. If you have a hunch simply go and do it. It’s the only way you will learn,” said Will Chase, founder of Tyrrells Crisps.

“My advice is: be enthusiastic and passionate, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do your research, have a ten-year plan, and work hard.” – James Peck, managing director, P.X. Farms, and 2006 FW Young Farmer of the Year.

Source: Farmers Weekly Interactive

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