Pictured is Dan Bloomer demonstrating at an open day discussing Precision Ag and Soil Structure in using Controlled traffic farming. Two samples of soil 20cm by 20 cm taking from the same field and dropped onto a wooden board from a metre high. First sample came from the centre of a cultivated field and second from beneath the hedge. Second sample was superior for having good soil structure, high levels of organic matter and worm activity. I ended up having to give a talk on my experiences of weed management and control traffic farming on my scholarship travels. All Nuffields be prepared that you might have to give a talk with no warning.
Dan warned me to put sun cream on, i decided it wasn’t warm enough and just not manly, last night my face decided to set as if i had over done botox.
Next Photo will demostrate the improtance of sun cream on your travels. Mind you, sat next to a welsh man ill always look tanned.

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