Excellent conference on CTF and my Nuffield adventure. Very grateful for all the presenters and farmers that attended. We had a turn out of over 80 people. Tim Chamen and his wife worked hard on the day. We had Robert Camps from the catchment sensitive project, Rtk farming, David White and Chris Ashcroft, Will Mumford from As communications, Stephen Burcham from Horsch, Jo Franklin from Agrovista, Mark Kitson from AGCO.
In the afternoon Tim Chamen gave a working demonstration on soils, Robin Purser on solar panels, Luke Stanbridge on the automatic grain drier. I showed the machinery lined out showing the track marks laid out by chalk to demonstrate how the machinery will work in a field situation.

Mother had been baking for a week and we all enjoyed tea and cakes in the afternoon.

Location:Scotland farm

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