Fiona said as your back can you try out a race horse to see if it would play polo. I jumped on, my hunting horse stood beside, shot off and the thoroughbred I was on took off rearing and bucking and galloping, I has no control as the bridle I had on was a halter, I decided to jump off amidst all the action. The ground is hard as hell, I hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. My goodness it hurt, I was struggling for breath and my right hand side was in difficulties. An ambulance came after 40 minutes as I refused to call or consent. Off I went to the hospital. My hip was x-rayed and chest, the doctor appeared and said there’s nothing wrong with you. I limped out the Hospital with my pride battered and struggling to breath.
Today I sat in the office and got a call from the hospital, they had made a mistake I had a broken collar bone and two broken ribs. My pride has been restored.

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