Enjoying an evening out in a cigar shop learning about Cuban cigars and then for dinner with Bayer crop science.

Jim McCarthy took us today to his last farm a heavy land and rice growing area.

An interesting machine used for emptying the silo bags but also straight into the grain heap in store. A concept that could prove useful in england.

A simple machine used for applying seed dressing. In this case supplied by the contractor who does the seeding.

Contractors sleeping quarters when shift working while seeding.

Sleeping quarters for me was in the back of Jims car.


One thought on “Buenos Aires

  1. I´m happy to say that everything in Argentina was pleasure for me: food, wine, attractions, museums and every kind of restaurant. People of all ages can enjoy their city there because it is like a paradise. I remember when I travelled, I met a lot of people, I had rented one of those buenos aires apartments in Palermo and I made a lot of friends. Argentineans are cool and pretty fun! It was terrific! Now I’m planning a trip with my boyfriend!

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