Sugar beet going well and soil conditioner arriving.

Eight lorries are currently taking sugar beet to Wissington and bring back soil conditioner. The Limex is used in a rotation around the farm to improve phosphate, potash, and ph correction.

As a by product from the manufacturing process of processing sugar beet into sugar its a sustainable fertiliser back to land for the next crop.

Simon is busy stock piling while Emil is reloading the lorries with sugar beet.

Freddy and Raymond are cracking on harvesting the sugar beet taking advantage of the frosts.

Jamie is cultivating behind while Richard is hedgecutting and Ryan is ploughing and drilling the previous sugar beet pads.

Great team effort. Something to be proud of.

New hedge

Roger Pinner has kindly come and planted a new hedge along Scotland Road and Cherrytrees down Rectory Farm drive. They look super and hopefully in 3 years it will look magnificent with colour in the spring.

Planting of the new common wealth plantation has also started opposite the cottages with a new hedge being planted along the road and the verge grass seeded so we can mow with the tractor mower.

Rectory farm house has had a new hornbeam hedge planted around the garden and the surrounding paddocks with native clayland hedge plants.

Looking forward to seeing it all mature over the next 10 years.