A number of apps aimed specifically at arable growers have been launched in the last few weeks, effectively putting crop management tools and up-to-date market information in their pockets. Designed specifically to be downloaded on iPhones and other smartphones, the apps are set to gain momentum among tech-savvy farmers.

To mark their launch, Crops has asked five iPhone-owning growers, including P.X. Farms’ James Peck, to trial five apps and rate them in terms of their usability and usefulness, on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being most useable/useful.

The apps under review can calculate seed rates, assess the green area index of cereal and oilseed rape crops, calculate tank-mixes for sprayers and offer the latest market information on grain prices. The apps under review were as follows:

  • BASF/FW GAI oilseed rape
  • BASF Canopy Assessment Tool
  • DuPont TankMix calculator
  • Gleadell grain prices app
  • RAGT seed rate calculator
  • Amazone Fertiliser Service

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